Discussion on self-represented litigants headed online

A celebration of the fifth anniversary of the National Self-Represented Litigants Project will include all those interested in joining the discussion online.

The organization, which works to advance understanding of the challenges facing Canadians who come to court without counsel, grew out of a research study by Windsor Law professor Julie Macfarlane.

The law school will host a “Continuing the Dialogue” event on October 12 and 13, recreating the format of the project’s 2013 founding — a conference of 45 justice system professionals and 15 self-representing litigants.

The event is small by design, to foster intimate conversation and concrete outputs, but organizers encourage all supporters, faculty, and students to join in the discussion online by tuning into Facebook Live interviews throughout the event, retweeting event quotes, by providing feedback to the questions being asking in the small working groups, and by sharing thoughts with the event hashtag, #SRLdialogue.

Find more information about the dialogue event on the website, representingyourselfcanada.com.

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