mouse in experiment“Toxicity-in-a-Dish” will explore non-animal methods to assess chemical safety, Dec. 10 in the Biology Building.

Alternatives to animal testing subject of seminar

A seminar on Monday, Dec. 10, will discuss non-animal methods to assess chemical safety.

“Toxicity-in-a-Dish” is hosted by the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods/Validation of Alternative Methods at noon in room 122, Biology Building.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released its legislatively mandated “Strategic Plan to Promote the Development and Implementation of Alternative Test Methods” within the U.S. Toxic Substance Control Act Program. The law now requires the development and implementation of alternative test methods and strategies to reduce, refine, or replace vertebrate animal testing.

Anna Lowit, a senior science advisor from the agency’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, will discuss the EPA strategic plan as well as the U.S. federal inter-agency strategic roadmap for establishing alternative methods to evaluate the safety of chemicals and medical products.

Her presentation will explore how her office is advancing and adopting non-animal methodologies, illustrating recent alternative test methods implementation activities in the areas of skin sensitization and inhalation.

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