piggy bank broken with money spilling outFinancial literacy workshops, Jan. 9 in the CAW Student Centre, will focus on subjects relevant to students.

Workshops to boost students’ financial literacy

Free workshops on financial literacy, Wednesday in the CAW Student Centre, will focus on subjects relevant to students, including best ways to budget and how to use the Ontario Student Assistance Program.

Organizer Sheldon Harrison, vice-president student finance of the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance, said the event will be educational.

“It is an intelligent, accessible, and engaging method for young people to begin learning about the basics of personal finance,” he said. “Also, this will help your student loan budgets stretch further through the semester.”

Sessions are set for 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Jan. 9 in the Alumni Auditorium, on the student centre’s second floor.

Robert R. Browne, author of Wealthing like Rabbits, will deliver a keynote address. His book giving insight into how personal financing can be fun will be made available to attendees at no cost.

“Mr. Browne provides a common-sense approach to financial literacy by addressing the unforced errors young folk make when it comes to their finances,” Harrison said. “He goes on to unpack techniques that help students reach their financial goals while in post-secondary school and into their careers.”