frayed ropeOrganizers of the conference “Crucial Conversations in Teaching and Learning,” May 1 and 2 on the UWindsor campus, have issued a call for submissions.

Teaching and learning conference convenors issue call for proposals

How should higher education make good on the promise of learning?

The conference Crucial Conversations in Teaching and Learning, May 1 and 2 on the UWindsor campus, will provide a forum for administrators, instructors, students, and others to engage in conversations exploring the forces driving change in the post-secondary sector and the resulting tensions around purpose, pedagogy, curriculum, and evaluation.

Conferees will explore the practices, research, theories, and philosophies underlying:

  • teaching and assessment methods;
  • curriculum development;
  • conflict and controversy in the academy;
  • evaluation of teaching;
  • Indigenization of the curriculum; and
  • purposes of higher education. 

Organizers have called for submissions by Feb. 25 in the following formats:

  • 90-minute workshops;
  • 40-minute concurrent sessions;
  • 40-minute facilitated conversations;
  • 15-minute paper presentations; or
  • poster presentations.

For more information, visit the conference website.