artist’s rendering of the Collaboratory in the Leddy LibraryAn artist’s rendering of the Collaboratory in the Leddy Library shows its group and independent study spaces and video conferencing facilities.

Construction begins on the Leddy Library Collaboratory

Construction crews will begin work today — Thursday, May 9 — to transform Leddy Library’s main floor space into a new state-of-art Student Research Collaboratory.

The Collaboratory will provide University of Windsor students with a dynamic space to share their research findings and develop collaborative relationships with partners from across campus and globally.

The finished space will offer a multi-modal environment that allows for both group and independent study equipped with adjustable zone lighting, video conferencing capabilities, and a digital presentation space.

“We are thrilled to bring this innovative digital space to the Library,” said university librarian Pascal Calarco. “This important transformation supports our vision to be a thriving and progressive campus hub and will act as a catalyst to enhance community engagement and encourage collaboration on campus.”

The Student Research Collaboratory was the recipient of the University of Windsor’s 2017 Giving Tuesday fundraising efforts. In addition to the funds raised on campus, a generous donor pledged $1 for every $2 raised for the project.  

The $845,000 Student Research Collaboratory is expected to be ready for use by Fall 2019.

The library will remain open during the renovation period; Calarco asks patrons to excuse the noise while it builds its next chapter.

—Marcie Demmans