Hugh Jackman learns about the value of fair trade coffee on the Ethiopian farm of host Dukale.Hugh Jackman learns about the value of fair trade coffee on the Ethiopian farm of host Dukale.

Film screening to plug benefits of fair trade

A group hoping to secure certification of the University of Windsor as a fair trade campus will hold a free public screening of the film Dukale’s Dream on Thursday, March 5.

The film documents the relationship between Ethiopian coffee farmer Dukale and actor Hugh Jackman, who spend a day planting seedlings in the fields. It speaks to the benefits of supporting fair trade goods, says committee member Joana Baku, a student of biomedical sciences.

The fair trade approach pays farmers and workers a premium to invest in projects they choose, she explains.

“This will lead to making life better for the communities, in turn building stronger businesses, creating a great back-and-forth cycle,” says Baku. “It also promotes humane work conditions and sustainable farming practices.”

Sociology professor Tanya Basok, the campus environmental sustainability advocate, says the certification effort is an important way to make the University’s global connections more ethical and sustainable.

Designation by Fairtrade Canada requires campuses to:

  • form an active volunteer steering committee;
  • offer Fairtrade certified products at all food service locations;
  • increase visibility of available Fairtrade products and educate the campus about the meaning of fair trade.

Thursday’s screening will run 7:30 to 9 p.m. in McPherson Lounge, Alumni Hall. Watch the film trailer: