Stephanie GonçalvesWays of Doing student Stephanie Gonçalves attended the 2019 conference of the Human Development and Capabilities Association in London, England, and will present at the 2020 conference with fellow student Hassan Shaban and course instructor Tim Brunet.

Summer course to extend opportunities for experiential learning in arts, humanities, and social sciences

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences will extend opportunities for experiential learning this summer through the course “Ways of Doing - Capabilities Approach.”

Over the past year, students in the class have completed project and problem-based learning within their current jobs or with community partners while receiving course credit.

Instructor Tim Brunet says the course combines practical experience with online workshops on wellbeing, project management strategies, organizational communication, and human and online networking.

Past partnerships have included work with the African Diaspora Youth Conference, MP Brian Masse, the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association, Happier Camper, the Whitby-based fitness facility Abilities Centre, the Lancer women’s basketball team, and the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre’s Discovery Program.

“The opportunities are expansive,” says Brunet. “The course work has received excellent reviews from students and community partners.”

He, along with undergraduate students Stephanie Gonçalves and Hassan Shaban have been invited to share the innovative approach to experiential learning at the 2020 International Human Development and Capabilities Conference.

Brunet invites anyone interested in suggesting possible projects for Ways of Doing students to contact him at or 519-253-3000, ext. 2025.

Further information can be found on the Ways of Doing website. Students interested in taking the summer offering of Ways of Doing can review the promo video for more information and then complete the online registration form to gain admission.