Campus courtyard devoid of peopleThe University’s administration has issued a reminder that only those who have been deemed to be performing essential services should be in workplaces and facilities.

Memo updates guidelines for workplace access

It has been just over two months since the University of Windsor moved to an essential services model, with the majority of our faculty and staff working remotely. We appreciate that this was a challenging adjustment for many. Recently, there has been an increased number of individuals on campus, and while we appreciate that some of you may be returning to retrieve items necessary for your work, we want to strongly remind everyone that only those who have been deemed to be performing essential services should be in workplaces and facilities.

Faculty and staff who are working remotely at this time should not attend campus unless they have been requested – or have requested and been authorized – to be on campus. This should only be in exceptional circumstances.

We have taken this measure to comply with provincial directives and to ensure we do everything possible to place our campus community’s health and safety at the forefront as we deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anyone who finds it necessary to come to campus should notify well in advance the person from whom they ordinarily receive work assignments, so as to inform them of the time of, and reason for, their attendance on campus.

If you have received University authorization to conduct critical research on campus, you may do so, but will need to adhere strictly to health and safety procedures and to access only the areas that have been approved.

Entry to a building should be made only through an external automated door, accessed with a fob or keycard. But even in this limited circumstance, employees should take careful measures and precautions to remain safe to minimize any risk to themselves and others.

Please do not stay on campus any longer than necessary. If you need to stay more than a few minutes, notify Campus Community Police so that they are aware that you are on campus and alone.

We encourage the University of Windsor campus community to continue to visit our COVID-19 website for regular updates.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay well!


Douglas Kneale, Provost and Vice-President, Academic
Michael Siu, Vice-President, Research and Innovation
Rita LaCivita, Vice-President, Human Resources
Anna Kirby, Vice-President, Planning and Administration (Acting)