logo for tap payment by cardA short survey will explore the impact of transitioning to a cashless campus.

Input invited for consideration of cashless campus

The finance department is seeking feedback on a proposal to transition away from using cash for payment on the UWindsor campus.

“The University has contemplated the transition to a cashless campus for quite a few years,” says Gillian Heisz, controller and executive director of financial reporting and accounting. “Due to COVID-19, we have been able to see what that may look like and if we are able to properly manage that while still maintaining service quality and offerings to our constituents.”

She notes that the measure — still in the planning stages — will help to reduce the spread of germs as students and employees return to the physical campus.

“As with any major change, we value the input of our departments during the planning phases,” Heisz says.

A short survey of perhaps three minutes duration will explore the impact that going cashless could have on departmental operations.

“This is the opportunity for you to present any issues you can foresee so that we may better plan for those individual cases,” says Heisz. “Your feedback will be valuable in the planning and transition processes.”

Take the survey.