Sana ChannarSana Channar has started a company working with the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre through the RBC EPIC Founders program.

Student aims to support homecare for elderly

Pandemic precautions have stuck many people, especially the elderly, at home with no means to go out to get necessities. A startup participating in the RBC EPIC Founders program aims to provide that support.

Sana Channar, a computer networking student at St. Clair College, is the founder of CommuniCare.

“Current systems for homecare agencies are very outdated and inefficient which can cause a lot of time and money,” she says. “Our system is here to make the process easier and more seamless as well as upturn the way homecare agencies organize themselves.”

Channar believes the accelerator program, offered through the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre (EPICentre), will provide resources she needs to be successful.

“I do not have any business background, so the EPICentre’s Founders program is helping me with professional and experienced mentors to guide me through correct business practices,” says Channar. “I hope that working with mentors will allow me to network with key partners in order to promote the adoption of our platform.”

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