Meet the University of Windsor's student ambassadors for the 2020/21 academic year

Student Ambassadors put a personal spin on recruitment outreach

The newest team of UWindsor Student Ambassadors is ready to share their Windsor Pride and have an impact on who will join UWindsor for fall 2021. 

Each year the Office of Enrolment Management selects an exceptional and diverse group of students who represent the many facets of UWindsor and exemplify what it means to be a Lancer.  

Throughout the fall and winter terms, our Student Ambassadors will connect with prospective students and their fans to share their UWindsor experiences through recruitment events, social media, online engagement, and virtual tours. 

While this term may look slightly different for our group - they will connect digitally - Beth Natale, Director of Student Recruitment, says this group has already shown that they are up for the challenge.

When selecting this year's Student Ambassadors, there was uncertainty about how the role would play out.  These fantastic Student Ambassadors are an incredibly creative bunch – they jumped in immediately to demonstrate a range of possibilities within a 'digital first' environment.  Over the summer, the Student Ambassadors contributed to the launch of UWindsor Live – Future Student Edition, participated in several webinars for new students, and led a UWindsor Instagram series showcasing Windsor-Essex and bringing to life the UWin student experience.   

"They showed an incredible ability to capture and showcase our UWindsor community and connect with our newest group of Lancers." 

Please join us in welcoming this year's Student Ambassadors as they share some of their most memorable moments at UWindsor. 

Hassan Shaban 

Program: Interdisciplinary Arts & Science – Double Major in Biology & Drama 

Hometown: Windsor 

"One of my most memorable moments at UWindsor was being one of the student staff in the Student Success and Leadership centre. Through this role, I assisted in the organization and implementation of various transition programs, like Head Start and Welcome Week, for incoming first-year students to the University of Windsor. Whether I was standing in front of a crowd of 300 talking about study tips, or in front of 2000 students teaching them the "Hey Baby" dance, this indeed was an experience that I will never forget. The connections I made and the memories I made are something I hold near and dear to my heart." 

Khushali Parikh 


Program: Behavioural, Cognitive & Neuroscience  

Hometown: Windsor 

"My most memorable moment was my A.S.B. trip to Costa Rica! Last year a group of us, along with the Dean of Science, spent Winter reading week in Costa Rica learning about the water crisis and helping in the local community. It was such a fun and eye-opening experience and I really hope to go back one day!" 

Natalia Ramos Belmont 


Program: Computer Science 

Hometown: Mexico 

"I have made a lot of lifetime memories since becoming part of the Lancer family. But I must say my most memorable moment was my very first day at UWindsor. As a newcomer to Canada and the area, I attended an event hosted by the International Student Centre, which consisted of a bus tour of Windsor. I ended up sitting next to a girl who would later become my best friend. With totally different backgrounds, we found many similarities and shared interests! Years later, I realize how many lifelong friendships I have made through the University of Windsor." 

Raabiya Singh  


Program: M.B.A. 

Hometown: Delhi 

"I would say that the most memorable moment of my program would be right now. It is unbelievable where the world stands today. Despite being halfway around the world, I have taken advantage of all that my program offers. I study, interact with my professors, volunteer and have landed the internship of my choice! It is amazing what all one can do online. I miss my friends and being on campus, but I also feel grateful to be with my family without giving up on my dreams." 

Melanie Drescher 


Program: Mathematics 

Hometown: Belle River  

"My most memorable moment came in my first semester of university, in one of my first exams. I had studied incredibly hard for it, and the exam was a breeze for me; I finished it in fifteen minutes. I went up to hand it in to my professor, and he didn't believe that I had finished it with about an hour left in class. He ended up marking it in front of me, and when he finished, he looked up and told me that I failed. I was about to start crying when he ended up smiling and saying I aced it. Since then, he's been one of the faculty I go to for advice or brief course counselling, even if he almost gave me a heart attack." 

Lila Iriburiro Happy 


Program: Law & Politics 

Hometown: Uganda and the Netherlands. 

"Winning the Best Judge award at a Model United Nations conference in Ottawa during my first year is by far my most memorable moment. The win was not mine alone; it was also a win for UWindsor - we had one of the smallest delegations! Being a judge for the International Court of Justice gave me a robust experience in the real-life implications of interpreting the Law. From this MUN, I have been able to: network with professionals in the field, meet some of my dearest friends, and participate in more MUNs across Canada." 

Arisha Ahmed 


Program: Business with a specialization in Finance 

Hometown: Windsor 

"One of my most memorable moments at UWindsor has been my role as Vice President 

of Student Leadership on the Odette Commerce Society. I enjoy being in leadership and 

management positions, which is why this role was a perfect fit. I particularly enjoy 

managing H.O.U.S.E. (Helping Odette Undergraduate Students Excel), a mentorship 

program designed to assist in the transition from high school to university for incoming 

students, including a team of 30 mentors. It's rewarding to know my efforts are 

helping other students. Being a part of the Odette Commerce Society has come with 

great experiences, whether it is assisting with orientation or the friends I have made 

through the society." 

Madhu Yadiki 


Program: Biological Sciences with a minor in Applied I.T. 

Hometown: Windsor 

"That's easy! It would have to be Welcome Week, where I had the opportunity to work with LEAD. LEAD organizes and coordinates events such as Welcome Week on campus for incoming students. I've had the chance to meet so many new students and form connections with people who are now my closest friends! It's a fun-filled experience and I recommend everyone to attend! " 

Erin Kenny 


Program: Forensic Science 

Hometown: Thorold 

"My most memorable moment at UWindsor has been my three years spent with the varsity basketball team. I have met some amazing people and created lifelong friendships. My team pushes me to be a better player and person every single day and I am very thankful for it." 

Emilie Muscedere 


Program: Nursing 

Hometown: Windsor 

"My most memorable moment at UWindsor was getting accepted into the Outstanding Scholars program here in the summer. I got the email that I had been accepted into the program and I had never been so proud of myself. It was very competitive, and I am so thankful I get to be a part of this amazing program. Through this program, I have found a passion for oncology and cancer research, which I am currently working on with one of my nursing professors." 

You can keep up with what the Student Ambassador team is doing by following The University of Windsor's Instagram page.