shelf of canned goodsNormally closed during the summer, a campus food pantry stayed open to address need caused by the pandemic shutdown.

Pantry open to students needing food

A food pantry run by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance extended its operations through the summer to help relieve the choice of paying for tuition, books, or food.

When COVID-19 hit, some students lost their jobs and found themselves in positions of financial hardship. The food remained open three days a week for four hours per day through the summer months under the direction of student employees Taha Ismail and Sahibjot Grewal. A total of 600 individuals used the service, with an average of 60 users per week.

Said one user: I really appreciate UWSA food pantrys help as I have been able to get food which can be easily cooked. At the moment, I dont really have money to spend on food because my housing costs have been extended, so this service is very helpful.”

The pantry is supported by donors including the University of Windsor Office of Student Experience, the University of Windsor Alumni Association, Mare Nostrum restaurant, Peace Lutheran Church, and the Consulate General of India. Donations are always welcome, either in the form of non-perishable goods or as cash donations.

It is located in Room 233 of the Student Centre, and students can access the service by calling 519 253-3000, ext. 7024, or by email at

—Bridget Heuvel