Lancer Gaming logoLancer Gaming has announced its team roster for League of Legends competition.

Lancer Gaming names League of Legends roster

Ali Abdeulmula, head coach of Lancer Gaming, has named the team roster for League of Legends play.

Representing the University of Windsor in Ontario Post-Secondary Esports and National Association of Collegiate Esports competition are:

  • computer science student Tyler Hong, captain and attack damage carry;
  • mechanical engineering major Ben Cristina, jungle;
  • business students Mark Barkou, support, and Michael Clarke, top;
  • civil engineering student Mohammed Al-Abbas, mid-lane, flexible;
  • neuroscience major Osama Al Eisawy, jungle;
  • biology student Ali Abed, support.

“We are really excited to welcome our inaugural team into the League of Legends’ fray,” Abdeulmula says. “We have additional members and alternates in the wings who will be competing for spots weekly through scrimmages, as we always want to showcase our best players on the online battlefield.”

The squad will next see action against the St. Clair Saints on Thursday, Oct. 29. The competition will be webcast at 8 p.m. at

More information is available on the Lancer Gaming webpage.