New resource to enhance understanding of workplace accommodation

Workplace accommodation is a fundamental component of equal treatment in the workplace. It may involve a service, an adaptation, or adjustment in the work environment to enable an individual equal opportunities and full participation in employment activities without discrimination.

The duty to accommodate applies to all grounds of the Ontario Human Rights Code but within the context of employment, most accommodation needs relate to disability, religion, or family status.

“The accommodation process is grounded on the shared responsibility of all parties involved to work collaboratively and respectfully to find reasonable accommodation solutions, which can sometimes be complex,” says Rita LaCivita, UWindsor vice-president, human resources.

“I am pleased to share with the campus community the Workplace Accommodation Guidelines that provide an overview of the accommodation process including the responsibilities of Human Resources, supervisors, employees and the union or association, if applicable. Given the current situation, the document also outlines examples of potential accommodation needs within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The guidelines resulted from a collaborative process led by the Return to Campus Staff Working Group, with feedback and endorsement from the Pandemic Planning Committee. Faculty and staff are encouraged to become familiar with the guidelines, which can be found on the Human Resources website.