Rocket League graphicsLancer Rec wrapped up its fall season in intramural eSport Sunday.

Lancer Rec crowns fall champs in intramural esports

Lancer Rec wrapped up its fall intramural eSport leagues Sunday, with competitors battling to win $25 gift cards.

  • Saffat Khan beat out Tyrell Charles for the FIFA 21 title.
  • Moses Genat continued his undefeated streak to finish atop the NBA 2K20 league.
  • Michael Khosho went unbeaten through his bracket in Rocket League 1v1.
  • Peter Vu and Daniom Hailemariam emerged triumphant in Rocket League 2v2. Check out the recorded stream of play.

Read a more complete account at Intramural eSport leagues will return in January.