Hayden KeeHayden Kee incorporates asynchronous and synchronous components to teach his course in existentialism.

Philosophy prof empowering students to control their learning

During the fall 2020 semester, philosophy instructor Hayden Kee taught existentialism. As this was a new course for Dr. Kee and his first semester teaching at the University of Windsor, he chose to build the course from scratch, and with it, a lot of new content.

Wanting the course to have fluidity between lecture and discussion, he incorporated rich synchronous components.

Live lectures and optional weekly “café hours” allowed for discussion and gave students the opportunity to build face-to-face relationships. Each discussion group stayed the same so students could have a core group to rely on. 

Kee also worked to create asynchronous components to address a range of learning styles. His lectures were recorded to allow students to take a more autonomous approach to their learning, giving them control over how they would like to gather and demonstrate their understanding.

Providing both asynchronous and synchronous tools empowers students, Kee believes.