cartoon desktop with laptop computer, papers, etc.The Disability Studies Student Association is hosting a webinar on inclusion Thursday, April 1.

Webinar to discuss topics of disability and inclusion

A webinar Thursday, April 1, will educate students in all disciplines to respectfully and effectively work with people with disabilities.

Hosted by the Disability Studies Student Association, the event will feature presentations on aspects of disability that attendees may not be familiar with.

“We decided to open this event up to all students because no matter what career path they choose to take, they will work with a person with a disability at one point or another,” says Celeste Simpson, the association’s co-president. “We’re hoping to start them on their journey in educating themselves on this important topic.”

The event is also open to UWindsor faculty and staff. It will run 5 to 7 p.m.

Registration will close at noon March 29. Sign up before then to receive the agenda and a Zoom link.