CampusGo displayed on smartphoneThe new CampusGo app offers accurate and convenient wayfinding of the UWindsor campus.

Smart campus technology and app support easier wayfinding at UWindsor

Navigating the University of Windsor campus is now as simple as following turn-by-turn directions.

The University has launched “CampusGo,” an all-new app that offers accurate and convenient wayfinding of the UWindsor campus.

Users can quickly search and find campus buildings, services, and selected classrooms across campus through the easy-to-use app. CampusGo’s intuitive interface also labels designated entrances, exits, and the location of QR scanners in each building as part of the University’s Return to Campus health and safety protocols.

CampusGo was created by Mapsted, the world's leading indoor positioning system developers. Indoor navigation is precise to within three metres and requires no WIFI or GPS positioning beacons.

The app can be downloaded via the Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) marketplaces. The wayfinding technology and interactive campus maps are also available through any mobile or desktop web browser.

“Finding a classroom in a growing institution with over 40 buildings can sometimes be a challenge,” says Jennie Atkins, who along with Emmeline Ventimiglia led the project to bring wayfinding technology to the UWindsor campus with support and implementation from Facility Services and Information Technology teams. “With CampusGo, you can quickly select your desired destination and it will provide turn-by-turn directions right to the appropriate door.”

According to associate vice-president operations Anna Kirby, “This is incredibly helpful given our revised access to buildings and COVID-19 safety protocols. CampusGo will make for a better on-campus experience for anyone who uses it.”

Campus accessibility is also promoted through CampusGo. Accessible entrances and parking are listed, along with general safety and convenience items such as the location of campus emergency call stations and visitor parking.

“We are very excited to be working with the University of Windsor to implement our Location Positioning Technology,” says Mapsted co-founder and chief operating officer Saeedeh Hamidifar. “Leveraging our patented machine learning and data fusion algorithms will elevate UWindsor’s experience for students and visitors by enabling effortless campus navigation.”

The app is an ideal companion to the Safe Lancer App that is required for QR scanning to enter campus buildings.