Windows 11 Start screenWindows 11 puts the Start menu front and centre.

Windows 11 roll out provides a new view

Windows 11 will roll out for eligible campus PC users beginning Nov. 2. It will feature a refreshed look, more functionality to organize your desktop, and enhanced integration.

Users with compatible Windows 10 devices will receive a Windows Update prompt on their PCs when Windows 11 is available for their devices. Information Technology Services discourages upgrading before this message is received, as manually upgrading to Windows 11 may not supply the best experience, or it could result in a failed installation.

“We recommend that individuals who receive the prompt to upgrade to Windows 11 schedule at least an hour update. Pick a time that is quieter for you, perhaps when you are free of important deadlines, exams, or meetings for proper installation and to get comfortable with the updated environment,” says Stephen Karamatos, manager of technology and innovation in IT Services. “Remember this upgrade is optional at this time so immediate action is not required.”

More information on upgrading your workstation can be found in a knowledge base article.

In addition to performance improvements, Windows 11 offers a modernized desktop appearance with snap layouts to customize the layout of windows. There is monitor recognition offering continuity to users working remotely and on-campus on different devices. Microsoft now places the Start menu at the centre of the screen. Teams will now integrate into the taskbar for easier access.

Watch a Tech Talk showing some of the new Windows 11 features with Carl Amlin from IT Services.

Windows 10 will continue to be supported by Microsoft until October 2025. IT Services also advises that when buying a new computer, ensure either that it comes with Windows 11 preinstalled or is Windows 11 compatible. Additional questions regarding new computer purchases can be referred to IT Services.