Nombuso DlaminiEducation professor Nombuso Dlamini of York University will present her research into the challenges of institutional racism in a conversation Nov. 26.

Presentation to promote role of academia in redressing injustice

A global pandemic provides opportunities to think, reflect, and act against unjust treatment of Black and Indigenous people as a result of institutionalized and systemic racism, says Nombuso Dlamini.

A professor and research chair in York University’s Faculty of Education, she will discuss the role of academia in redressing these injustices in an online address entitled “Invisibility by any other act,” Friday, Nov. 26.

“To become scholarly and humanly visible, and to ‘see’ others, one must know how to ‘see’ the self in others,” says Dr. Dlamini. “To become aware of invisibility, one must know how to identify invisibility and its effects on those made invisible.”

Part of a series of sessions sharing research in the field of education, the public lecture will begin at 10 a.m. on the Zoom videoconference platform. All are welcome to observe. Join here:

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