Dora Cavallo-MedvedDora Cavallo-Medved is the acting associate dean of science for student and faculty engagement.

New position responsible for science student experience

The student experience is a top priority for the Faculty of Science, which is why it has created a new associate dean position for student and faculty engagement.

“We want to create an environment for students that is welcoming, supportive and inclusive, and the engagement of both faculty and students in this process is essential for this to be successful,” says biomedical science professor Dora Cavallo-Medved, acting associate dean of science for student and faculty engagement.

“My goal is to provide active engagement opportunities and transformative experiences that will help build our students’ transferable skills in leadership, collaboration, communication, and management — while they build technical skills in the classroom, labs, and field.”

The position will be responsible for developing, co-ordinating, and promoting student and faculty participation in high-impact learning experiences that support student recruitment and retention and strengthen student-faculty partnerships.

Dean of science Chris Houser says this position will build on the foundation of leadership and engagement opportunities the faculty has already been offering to students at UWindsor.

“It has been our goal to support students with high-impact experiences like undergraduate research, international academic experiences, internships, leadership development activities, and service learning,” says Dr. Houser.

“This new position gives us a chance to bring it to the next level, to strengthen and expand current programs and build new ones that engage and connect faculty and students both on campus and in the community.”

Dr. Cavallo-Medved says to engage students the faculty will continue to build upon the USci Network — an interdisciplinary network that brings faculty and students from all science programs together to work collaboratively in providing a unique integrative support system with the goal of enriching the undergraduate student experience.

“Under the USci banner we’ve created a host of student-led initiatives from program and career advising with Destination Science and Careers in Science, to mental health resources with the Sci of Relief initiative, to community-building groups like Women in Science and Science Meets Art, among others,” she says.

“These student-led initiatives offer support services specific to the needs of our students as well as leadership opportunities.”

The Faculty of Science is continuously looking for ways to support and empower students as well as recognize them for their personal successes, Cavallo-Medved says.

“This is about creating an engaging and collaborative environment that best prepares students for whatever they are going to do after they graduate and strengthens their connections to the Faculty of Science well into the future.”

From a personal perspective she says she is excited to take the position on.

“I love working with students and I’m excited for the opportunity to bring in more engagement activities and transformative experiences for them, our alumni, and our faculty.”

A search is underway to hire a permanent associate dean.

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