silhouettes people of many racesA course on race and anti-Black racism will see participants explore their relationships to power, privilege, and oppression.

Course on race and anti-Black racism open to all

In collaboration with the University of Windsor’s Office of the Vice-President, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and with the support of the Black Council of Windsor-Essex, Continuing Education is offering an 18-hour course on race and anti-Black racism.

The course, “The Fundamentals of Race and Anti-Black Racism,” will focus on issues related to race and its origins, anti-Black racism, and the construct of whiteness. Through case studies and the sharing of experiences, participants will explore their own relationships to power, privilege, and oppression to enhance their awareness within their personal and professional interactions.

“The Office of the Vice-President, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is proud to collaborate with Continuing Education to launch this new offering,” said Marium Tolson-Murtty, director of anti-racism organizational change. “We look to provide a platform for participants to learn, understand, and grow in ​not only a safe space but a courageous space. The objective is for participants to take the opportunity to reflect on topics learned regarding the importance and the impact of race and anti-Black racism and begin to reflect on how they can apply anti-racist principles to their daily interactions.”

The Black Council of Windsor-Essex says it is supportive of this course and encourages organizations and members of our community to complete the certificate.

"We congratulate the University of Windsor for endeavouring to effectuate the recommendations detailed by the Anti-Black Racism Task Force,” said a statement from the council.

“With education being paramount, the Anti-Black Racism Certificate is an important component in the work of eliminating historical, systemic, and structural inequities in Windsor-Essex and beyond. We are pleased to collaborate in offering the talent and wisdom of our community toward this effort.”

This course will help individuals gain an enhanced vocabulary around issues of race, racism, ethnicity, and equity, along with increased knowledge about systemic and interpersonal racism. They will also develop an understanding of how political, economic, and social-cultural practice shape identity, power, privilege, and oppression. Increased awareness of unconscious bias, prejudice, and microaggressions, along with strategies to address anti-Black racism within society and the workplace are among the learning outcomes of the course.

Developed to represent one small step toward eliminating racial inequities through education, discussion, and respect, the course is geared toward individuals who seek a diverse and inclusive community through gaining a deeper understanding of issues around race and anti-Black racism.

Continuing Education will issue a certificate of completion to registrants who complete the course.

Classes take place Thursdays from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., Feb. 24 to March 31.

Organizations are invited to enrol their teams as part of diversity and inclusion training. Group rates are available. Email for more details.

Individuals can register through the Continuing Education registration page.