Steeple of Assumption ChurchA research project is surveying adherents of Catholicism for their views on Judaism.

Researcher seeking Catholic views on Judaism

A research project under the auspices of Assumption University seeks to better understand the perspectives of Catholics towards Jews and Judaism.

John Cappucci, Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Religion and Conflict, is recruiting volunteer respondents to an anonymous survey.

"The Church’s official position is expressed in the landmark document Nostra Aetate,” says Dr. Cappucci. “However, what do the laity think? That’s the question this project tries to answer.”

Participants must be at least 18 years of age, Catholic (any rite), and live in the Diocese of London — Essex, Chatham-Kent, Lambton, Elgin, Middlesex, Huron, Perth, Oxford, and Norfolk counties.

The survey has received approval from the University of Windsor’s Research Ethics Board. Respondents may choose to enter a draw to win one of 10 Amazon e-gifts worth $50.

More details, including the survey link and password, are available here.

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