Ignite Work Study logoSubmit proposals for funding through the Ignite Work Study program by April 5.

Work-study program to fund summer jobs

After a successful pilot in 2021, the Ignite Work Study program will again fund summer jobs.

Ignite job proposals for Summer 2022 must be submitted through Qualtrics, with an application deadline of April 5. Applicants whose positions receive funding will be notified by April 29.

This year’s summer Ignite includes two updates:

  • If approved for Ignite funding, supervisors will be reimbursed up to $1,000 per approved position, which is identical to the single semester funding amount for Fall or Winter.
  • Some Ignite students can begin working earlier this summer. Those working in the winter semester can stay in the same role as long as they continue to meet eligibility requirements, and the role receives funding for the summer. These students can begin summer work terms on May 2.
    All other Ignite job postings will go live on mySuccess, with the option of new hires starting on May 9.

“We are pleased to be able to offer Ignite again this summer to create new opportunities for students, and continuity for departments and current Ignite students,” says Avy Maharaj, program co-ordinator in Career Development & Experiential Learning. “Supervisors have expressed how valuable last year’s pilot was to their projects and departments, and we’re looking forward to seeing a lot of quality proposals again this year.”

If you are new to Ignite, join one of the supervisor information sessions:

The program is open to all UWindsor students who meet the criteria listed on the Ignite website. Maharaj welcomes questions at ignite@uwindsor.ca.