TeCK Week YQG logoWEtech Alliance presents a series of events during TeCK Week YQG, March 21 to 27.

Tech industry focus for week of community connection

TeCK Week YQG will digitally bring together tech leaders, founders, talent, researchers, investors, expats, and the broader community for a collaborative series of events March 21 to 27.

Now in its fifth year, the week-long event spearheaded by WEtech Alliance is the largest regional technology festival dedicated to tech, talent, and community.

President Yvonne Pilon said the non-profit organization is thrilled to present TeCK Week YQG.

“The pandemic has highlighted just how important a vibrant, innovative technology industry is to our society, economy, and daily lives,” she said. “The virtual platforms we’ve adopted give us an opportunity to bridge the urban-rural divide by bringing programming to all corners of Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, and beyond.”

Events are free to attend and address such varied subjects as emerging technologies and trends, startup growth, mobility, tech talent, and community innovation. Find a detailed schedule at www.techweekyqg.com.