Gourmet Gardens invitation - watercolour flowersYou could win a pair of $150 tickets to the region’s premiere spring culinary event in today’s quiz competition.

Quiz questions knowledge of Windsor street names

Two tickets to Gourmet Gardens, a May 1 benefit gala for the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Foundation, await the winner of today’s DailyNews trivia quiz.

Donated by Mike Fisher, manager of web services and systems support in Information Technology Services, the tickets cost $150 each and promise an afternoon of four-course culinary meals, fine wines, with Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery transformed into a seasonal garden. The Coffee House Combo will provide entertainment, while a “Dream Raffle” offers prize packages. Proceeds from the event will support the “Children, Youth, and Families, Strength for Today, Opportunities for Tomorrow” campaign, creating programs that confront challenges faced by families and youth.

To enter, just identify the most Windsor pronunciation of these street names. To clarify, the quiz is looking not for the correct pronunciation of these historically French names, but for the most common local usage. A winner will be selected at random from all correct responses received by noon Friday, April 22.

  1. Goyeau St.
    a) Gweye-YO, to rhyme with “shy-o”
    b) Gwah-YO, to rhyme with “raw-yo”
    c) GOY-o, to rhyme with “boy-o”
    d) Go-YEE-oo, to rhyme with “so-be-you”
  2. Langlois Ave.
    a) LANG-loy, to rhyme with “bang toy”
    b) LANG-loise, to rhyme with “dang noise”
    c) Long-LAW, to rhyme with “wrong law”
    d) LONG-lwah, to rhyme with “sang-froid”
  3. Ouellette Ave.
    a) OH-let, to rhyme with “no let”
    b) OO-let, to rhyme with “to let”
    c) WELL-et, to rhyme with “bell let”
    d) WOOL-et, like “wool let”
  4. Pelissier St.
    a) Pell-ISS-ee-ay, to rhyme with “kiss me, eh?”
    b) PELL-ish-ay, to rhyme with “shellfish day”
    c) Pay-liss-EE-ay, to rhyme with “pay his B.A.”
    d) Pell-ISH-er, to rhyme with “fisher”
  5. Pierre Ave.
    a) PEER, as in “to look keenly”
    b) Pee-AIR, as in “Elliott Trudeau”
    c) PEE-ay, as in “public address system”
    d) PEER-ee, to rhyme with “beery”

Contest is open to all readers of the DailyNews. Send an e-mail with your responses to uofwnews@uwindsor.ca. One entry per contestant, please. Note: the decision of the judge in determining the most correct response is inviolable.