Mike HaveyOntario University Athletics has published a profile of Mike Havey as he readies for retirement as University of Windsor athletics director.

League pays tribute to retiring athletics director

After more than 30 years at the University of Windsor, athletics director Mike Havey has learned a few things.

“Sure, we want to win,” he told journalist David Grossman for an article on his pending retirement. “We have to remember that winning is achievable in many ways.”

Havey’s UWindsor career spans terms as coach of varsity men’s basketball, associate director of athletics, and — since 2014 — director of athletics.

Ontario University Athletics published Grossman’s profile last week, noting that Havey is leaving just as the school prepares to open the $73 million Toldo Lancer Centre.

“It was always about looking for ways to add something special for students in the areas of athletics and recreation,” Havey said. “You need top-notch facilities, great coaching, and a staff who are focused, patient, and determined to create an atmosphere that benefits students.”

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