Bill Middleton with group of prospective studentsBill Middleton, an environmental technologist in civil and environmental engineering, explains a biofuel cell to a group of prospective students in the Environmental Lab.

Engineering academic open house welcomes prospective fall 2022 students

Faculty, staff members, and current engineering students greeted prospective students and their guests at engineering’s Academic Open House on Saturday, May 14.

Visitors were provided a brief overview of the faculty’s academic programs, supports, and awards and scholarships that are available. Afterwards, they were split into groups to collaborate in mock engineering proposals, tour research labs, view demonstrations, and participate in self-guided tours while staff, faculty, and students answered questions.

The welcome group speakers included:

  • Bill Van Heyst, dean of engineering;
  • Jennifer Johrendt, associate dean of student affairs, WINONE;
  • Giselle St. Louis, clinical therapist; and
  • Mike Konstantino, engineering outreach program co-ordinator.

Tour highlights included:

  • electrical, mechanical, and industrial research and capstone project displays in the Capstone Courtyard
  • civil engineering structural monitoring demonstration and 3-D printed housing display in the structures lab
  • electrical engineering demo and display in the undergraduate circuits lab
  • environmental engineering
  • mechatronics display in the mechatronics lab

“It was really interesting to see the different branches that engineering offers,” said May-Ling To, a grade 12 student from Kingsville District High School. “It’s definitely more impressive and the information sticks to your mind better to actually see the labs and the demonstrations rather than just reading about it.”

Brady Melton, a grade 12 student from Lambton Central Collegiate and Vocational Institute, said he looks forward to a rewarding academic experience balanced with healthy student life.

“I feel I’ll be able to learn a lot here. The facility is new and that’s important,” Melton said. “My timing and interest in automotive engineering couldn’t have been better with Stellantis and the new electric car battery lab. School has always been my number one priority and will continue to be, but I also hope to continue playing sports and get involved in other on-campus activities as well.”

To learn more about the WINONE Office for First-Year Engineering, contact

To learn more about Engineering’s Outreach programs, contact Mike Konstantino.

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