Tim BrunetTim Brunet will present on his doctoral research, “Implementing Ontario’s Learning Outcomes Model in the Humanities,” on Friday, June 24.

Presentation to explore impact of outcomes-based education in the humanities

Tim Brunet will present a synthesized version of his recently completed doctoral thesis regarding the impact of learning outcomes on the humanities, 3 p.m. Friday, June 24, at the Leddy Library Collaboratory.

The 20-minute hybrid presentation includes a historical review of how learning outcomes have been implemented in the province of Ontario and its perceived impact on humanities departments and their neighbouring disciplines. The presentation is open to all and is freely available by registering online.

“The current direction of higher education has laid bare differentiations between academic departments and disciplines for funding, curricular rationales, and recruitment strategies,” says Dr. Brunet.

Co-ordinator of the Outstanding Scholars and student leadership programs in the office of student experience, he recently conducted the study while completing a PhD in higher education in leadership at the University of Toronto.

The study involved interviews with leaders in the humanities from 10 Ontario universities along with an extensive literature review of outcomes-based systems in anglophone higher education systems around the world.

“All anglophone higher education systems have shifted or are shifting towards outcomes-based systems where learning outcomes — originally proposed as a pedagogical innovation — are appropriated for accountability frameworks, quality assurances, funding models, curricular goals, and more,” says Brunet. “The shift has serious consequences for society and for the humanities.”

He believes his research provides valuable narratives, perspectives, and resources for university administrators, student representatives, and educational consultants in all disciplines.

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