Drupal logoOnline Drupal training is available Nov. 3 to UWindsor employees who maintain official University websites.

UWindsor website editors invited to Drupal training

Learn how to create better web content on Nov. 3. Join a virtual training session organized for individuals who maintain official UWindsor websites.

New website editors can acquire the competency to build web pages, and existing editors can learn how to improve their web pages. The session will cover uploading graphics, organizing menus effectively, creating accessible content, and more.

“UWindsor web editors are tasked with producing accessible and informational content,” says Rob Aitkens, web development team lead. “This training provides new web editors the opportunity to gain knowledge and start building web pages, while allowing existing editors the chance to increase their skills and update their websites.”

Faculty and staff can sign up to attend the online Drupal 7 + Web Accessibility Basic Training on Thursday, Nov. 3, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.