OPUS awardeesThe Organization of Part-time University Students celebrated its 30th annual awards banquet Friday. Among the honourees were (from left) Tim Gregorian, Julien Chin, Mark Trudell, Chris Lanoue, Selma Huxley-Gannage, Nancy McMahon, Vincent Manzerolle, Victor Sevillano Canicio, and Ronnie Haidar.

Reception honours awards recipients

Some 100 guests attended the 30th annual awards banquet of the Organization of Part-time University Students, Oct. 28 in the student centre’s Alumni Auditorium.

The event honoured more than 20 award recipients for their contributions to making the University of Windsor a unique place, as well as students who are leading the way to a successful future.

The guests of honour each received a plaque and other gifts from the organization.

Attendees heard musical performances by pianist Adeniyi and singer Happy, and watched a video highlighting the organization’s 50+ years of service to, and advocacy for, students.

Acting provost Patti Weir said the video was a credit to OPUS volunteers and staff: “You can see how much care and compassion that OPUS has for students.”

For more details, including a list of sponsors, visit the OPUS website: uwindsor.ca/opus/award-receptions.