“affirmation station” in the EPICentreAn “affirmation station” in the EPICentre shares positive messages to inspire.

Board posts affirming messages

An “affirmation station” set up to provide positive messages will remain up in the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre (EPICentre) beyond Lancer Care Week.

The office, located on the second floor of the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre, invites visitors to “make one or take one” — either write an affirming message to share, or take one that resonates with an individual.

The centre invites students, faculty, and community members to participate. Those who can’t make it into the office can learn more on Instagram and send a direct message using the hashtag #affirmationstation to have a message posted to the board.

The campaign will continue through Feb. 14, when organizers will scan the affirmations and share them on social media.