Students unbox copies of the book they produced in the Editing and Publishing Practicum courseStudents unbox copies of the anthology they produced in the Editing and Publishing Practicum course. A public event April 6 will formally launch “In the Middle Space,” which celebrates Windsor’s public art through storytelling.

Reception to launch student-produced anthology

As a creative writing major, Leah Levy has edited and produced works from classmates in workshops and chapbooks, but never had the opportunity to cultivate a professional relationship with an author. The Editing and Publishing Practicum course gave her that opportunity.

Taught by resident writing professional Marty Gervais, the class engages students over two semesters in editing material, designing interiors and covers, and marketing the final product. This year’s project, In the Middle Space, is an anthology exploring Windsor’s rich public art culture. It is published by Gervais’ literary house Black Moss Press under the auspices of the city’s poet laureate program.

“The Editing and Publishing Practicums have been eye-opening for me in exposing the machinery behind the professional publishing industry,” Levy said. “As we transitioned to the publishing portion of the practicums, we got to unbox our copies of In the Middle Space and see our efforts come alive after two semesters of work.”

She and her classmates will host a launch for the volume at Mackenzie Hall on Thursday, April 6, at 7 p.m.

Creative writing professor André Narbonne is one of the 13 featured contributors to the book. He said his student editor, Iori Khuhro, faced a “perilous” task: the student schooling the professor.

“I tend to wave my hand at other people’s opinions, but this was true collaboration. Iori’s insights were on the mark,” Dr. Narbonne said. “She brought energy and conviction to our meetings. Looking back on our work, Iori was one of the top editors my writing has known.”

The launch is free and open to the public and will feature readings by the authors, who include past and present civic poets laureate and graduate students Rawand Mustafa and Maya Jessop. Register here to attend.