Denis Tetreault, Danielle Handsor-Matias, and Chris O’Gorman pose under conference bannerUWindsor academic advisors Denis Tetreault, Danielle Handsor-Matias, and Chris O’Gorman served on the organizing committee for a conference of their peers this week.

Conferees share experience to advance academic advising

Windsor played host for the first time to the regional conference of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), April 26 to 28. More than 300 delegates from Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin spent three days discussing issues related to advising post-secondary students.

UWindsor academic advisors Chris O’Gorman, Denis Tetreault, and Danielle Handsor-Matias served on the organizing committee. Their involvement reflects their dedication to students, says Anouchka Plumb, acting director of the Centre for Student Learning Excellence.

“It is valuable for this team to engage with others in the field in exchanging possibilities of how to further advance advising in the face of experienced challenges,” she said.

The conference marked a first visit to Windsor and even Canada for many of the attendees, said O’Gorman.

“Windsor put on great show that included over 30 sessions, pre-conference workshops, an exhibitor event, a poster contest, and a trip to Little Italy for Thursday night’s dinner,” he said.

The conference was previously held in Detroit in 2019 and Toronto in 2016. For more information about the association and its future activities, visit the NACADA website.