Members of the Lancer League of Legends team form their fingers into WsThat’s a win for Windsor: Lancer Gaming took home gold from the national esports championships in League of Legends and Rocket League.

Lancer Gaming teams win two national titles

Lancer teams finished atop two competitions in the National Esport Collegiate Conference championship tournament: League of Legends and Rocket League.

“We are delighted to see our teams flourishing at the national level after three short years in competition,” says Cindy Crump, director of the Student Success and Leadership Centre.

She attributes the international success of the University’s official esports teams to the drive, strategic thinking, and perseverance of students in leadership roles as coaches, players, and operations staff.

After losing to Sacramento State in an earlier qualifying round of League of Legends, the Lancers won three straight games in the rematch to sweep the best-of-five final. Coach Bryce Everett noted that his team represents a wide swath of campus, with players studying human kinetics, computer science, psychology, medicine, engineering, education, and business.

Rocket League coach Yusuf Naebkhil called his team’s performance in a 4-3 finals victory over the St. Clair College Saints Academy “the best we’ve every played.”

He’ll have to replace graduating captain Luka (Zehnoh) Velimirovic but expects most of his roster to return. Still, Naebkhil notes, there will be openings for interested students.

“You don’t need to be a competitive gamer to participate,” he says. “There are many positions that need to be filled, ranging from finance to marketing, development, graphic design, and many more.”

Find more information on the Lancer Gaming website.