a line of conferfees standing outdoorsThe Engineering to Adapt symposium discussed challenges and solutions to responsible living.

Sustainable solutions subject of symposium

The Engineering to Adapt symposium, held June 22 and 23 at the University of Windsor, brought together stakeholders, enthusiasts, and experts from academia, industry, and the public sector to discuss current challenges and sharpen existing solutions that advance responsible living.

The Greek letter eta signifies efficiency, as well as being the symposium’s acronym, said conference chair David Ting, a director of the Turbulence and Energy Laboratory which hosted the event.

“Engineering efficiency entails minimizing entropy generation and environmental interference and is the key to brightening tomorrow,” he said. “Our research strives to catalyze every person to engineer efficiency.”

This symposium promoted collaboration to maximize opportunities for innovation. Dean of engineering Bill Van Heyst delivered welcoming remarks, and former dean Graham Reader gave a presentation on Waste Not, Want Not that focused on rethinking problems with food waste and fast fashion.

Marguerite Xenopoulos, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Global Change of Freshwater Ecosystems and a professor in the biology department at Trent University, delivered a second keynote address discussing how engineers and aquatic ecosystems are intertwined and inspiring attendees to think beyond the surface.

Other presentations covered:

  • Carbon and transportation
  • Light, heat, and radiation
  • Reclaiming Eden
  • Engineering systems and analyses
  • Our environment and ecosystems
  • Greenhouse and energy
  • Wind, soil, solar, and wave
  • Renewable energy and society

Honorary chair Rupp Carriveau said it was exciting to watch the symposium form outcomes in real time.

“Brand-new collaborations were forged and existing ones were re-calibrated and improved through the illustrative and friendly forum of presentation and discussion that only happens in very collegial and supportive gatherings like this one,” he said. “So much more to come — I can’t wait to see what evolves between now and next year’s event!”

The organizers invite interested parties to the 2024 summits, Brightening Tomorrow Together and Thriving Through Change.

—Naomi Pelkey