Teach-in series to explore responses to hate violence

A series of teach-ins hosted by the newly created Interdisciplinary and Critical Studies Department will feature experts responding to recent incidences of hate violence and shedding light on the reality of gendered violence.

Entitled “Learning (to) Hate Violence,” the series will present one session each month from 7 to 9 p.m., in person in the SoCA Armouries Performance Hall and online through Microsoft Teams.

Embracing an Ethic of Empowered Equity, Monday, Sept. 25
Prologue: Remembering Cate Hundleby, feminist scholar, and friend.

  • Equity and Violence: Natalie Delia, head of the Interdisciplinary and Critical Studies Department and founding director of the Black Studies Institute
  • The End of Two Illusions: Feminism after the West: Galina Scolnic, instructor in women’s and gender studies
  • We Keep Each Other Safe: The (Em)Power(ment) of Community: Juanita Stephen, professor in the Interdisciplinary and Critical Studies Department

The Fight at Home, Intimate Partner Violence, and the Intersectional Cost, Monday, Oct. 23
Prologue: Remembering Sahra Bulle, UWindsor student, daughter, sister, and friend.

  • The Landscape of Intimate Partner Violence: Dusty Johnstone, director of the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support
  • Navigating the Relationship between The State and The Home: Tori-Lee Jenkins, staff lawyer at Legal Assistance of Windsor
  • The Repercussions of Femicide on Families and Communities: Fartumo Kusow, educator and author

Trans Day of Remembrance: The Battlelines of Gender, and the Violence of the Status Quo, Monday, Nov. 20

  • Trans Identities and the Neo-Colonial Construction of the Trans Controversy: Richard Douglass-Chin, professor of English and women’s and gender studies
  • The Politics of the “Them”: Jennifer Meyer
  • Fighting for all our Children: Decolonizing Education to Address Systemic Violence: Natalie Beltrano, learning specialist, School of Social Work

Register for a teach-in session by emailing iacs@uwindsor.ca.

This series is supported by the University of Windsor Office of Sexual Violence, Resistance, and Support; the Office of People, Equity, and Inclusion; the School of Social Work; and the Centre for Teaching and Learning.