foodstuffs labelled Food Fest 2023Food Services will serve up flavours from around the world this week.

Food Fest to feature foreign fare

Calling all international food lovers — from South Asia and Jamaica to Slovakia and Sicily, delicious dishes await this week in the Marketplace.

During Food Fest, Nov. 6 to 9, executive chef Robert Reynolds and his team will take diners on a tour of fabulous flavours from around the world:

  • Monday: Jamaican Station – Patty slider with calypso coleslaw by Howard Hyman
  • Tuesday: South Asian Station – Pani puri by Hitesh Parker
  • Wednesday: Slovak Station – Bryndza halusky by Peter Polak
  • Thursday: Sicilian Station – Ricotta almond cannoli by Joe Vultaggio

These dishes will be served from the Chef Station in the CAW Student Centre starting at 11 a.m. each day.