Pierre BoulosPierre Boulos donates through the Annual Giving Program to departments that helped him along the road to success.

Giving to University an investment in students

As an immigrant to Canada from Lebanon as a child, Pierre Boulos was the first member of his family to have the opportunity to get a university education. Now a learning specialist in the Centre for Teaching and Learning, he believes participating in the Annual Giving Program is just one way he can show his gratitude.

“I have two undergraduate degrees from UWindsor and know the value of financial support,” Dr. Boulos says. “It feels wonderful to know that in and out of the classroom, the little bit of money I contribute aids students in their own transformation.”

Chris Knack, co-ordinator of the Annual Giving Program, calls the holidays the perfect time to make a gift in support of students.

“As we’re considering how to share our good fortune with others, we know we can witness the direct impact of our donations here on our campus,” he says. “We can direct our contributions toward a favourite academic area, scholarship fund, varsity team, or the UWin Fund in support of the University’s identified needs.”

Boulos gives to the departments of philosophy and mathematics, where he earned his undergraduate degrees, the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the Bystander Initiative, the Humanities Research Group, and the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

“I give back to the departments that helped put me on my own road to success,” he says. “I try to add something every year or increase an amount.”

Knack points out that besides a charitable deduction on their 2023 taxes, faculty and staff have an additional incentive: those who donate before Dec. 15 will be entered into a draw to win one of two extra vacation days in 2024.

Boulos touts the value of investing in talent.

“Students who receive the financial support directly or through the support of their program will contribute back in ways we have yet to imagine,” he says.

“I can’t think of better returns on an investment than in supporting higher education and UWindsor is a great place for students on their journeys.”

UWindsor employees may donate by credit card or cheque, automatic bank withdrawals, or payroll deduction. To give, visit the Annual Giving Program website.