group of young program enrolleesThe On Track to Success program of the United Way makes a difference in young people’s lives.

United Way donors put local students on track

Next week is the start of this year’s campus fundraising campaign for the United Way.

The charity’s “On Track to Success” program emphasizes supporting children in low-income families. It has a proven record of making a difference in young people’s lives and helps students from elementary school all the way to post-secondary education.

The program has seen some great results with the support of donors:

  • 90.2 per cent of students in the program graduate on time from high school.
  • $178,000 in bursaries were provided to students in 2021-22.
  • 76 per cent of graduates are actively enrolled in a post-secondary program. In comparison, the national average for similar households is 47 per cent.
  • 90.5 per cent of students who started in the program are still enrolled, a higher retention rate than similar support programs.

Students supported by this program testify to its ability to help them get to university and enjoy success while they are here.

Sarah, a first-year concurrent education major, says she will always vouch for On Track to Success.

“I can’t explain the amount of gratitude that goes out to everyone that’s helped me along the way,” she says. “Without this program, I’m sure I wouldn’t even be re-enrolled back at the university yet. If there’s ever a program you look to support, I 100 per cent can say that you should look for the one that puts in the time and energy to care about its students and makes them feel like a priority.”

Mohamad, a second-year law and politics student, agrees.

“On Track at UWindsor has been a pivotal part of my university journey, offering invaluable guidance and support in numerous ways,” he says. “It helped familiarize me with the university’s system, addressed my academic challenges, and most importantly, taught me how to effectively advocate for myself.”

The campus campaign for United Way will conduct accessible online events and content Jan. 22 to 26. Visit for information and to donate.

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