Rupp CarriveauEngineering professor Rupp Carriveau and his research collaborators are exploring the use of wind to power agricultural greenhouses.

Team addressing challenge of powering greenhouse sector

It takes a lot of juice to run a greenhouse, and a UWindsor researcher is leading a project exploring how to provide it.

Rupp Carriveau, a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and a team that includes partners from the agricultural and energy industries, have secured funds to investigate the use of hydrogen generated by wind power to supply power to both the electrical grid and the greenhouse sector.

Southwestern Ontario boasts the largest cluster of greenhouses in North America alongside some of Canada’s highest densities of wind energy generation.

“This initiative could alleviate the demand on the grid, which in turn assists other sectors—including electric vehicles and related industries—enabling further growth,” notes Dr. Carriveau, director of the Environmental Energy Institute based at the University of Windsor.

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