Computer science students and faculty join officials from the University of Windsor and Sterling Information TechnologiesComputer science students and faculty join officials from the University of Windsor and Sterling Information Technologies in celebrating their collaboration in cybersecurity workshops.

Collaboration means hands-on cybersecurity experience for computer science students

A partnership among the School of Computer Science, leading cybersecurity firm Sterling Information Technologies, and global leader in cybersecurity education EC-Council, continues to flourish.

Through a series of cybersecurity workshops started in 2023, the organizations provide graduate and undergraduate students with a comprehensive introduction to cybersecurity: access to the latest technology, software, and solutions, as well as real-world, hands-on experience through an immersive learning environment.

“The School of Computer Science provides local industry with the unique opportunity to partner in the advanced training and skill development of our students,” says Ziad Kobti, director of the School of Computer Science. “These workshops enable students to develop hands-on field-specific knowledge to readily meet the industry demand.”

In the fall workshop, organizers focused on providing a more hands-on experience, aiming to immerse students in practical aspects of cybersecurity. The collaboration was particularly enriched by the active participation of undergraduate computer science student Philip Doyle. His contribution included the creation of the Storm Capture the Flag Challenge, which required competitors to reverse engineer a piece of malware to uncover vulnerabilities.

Sterling Information Technologies’ chief information security officer, Neil Cesario, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration and the inclusion of Doyle in the workshop.

“It is of the utmost importance and part of our mandate as cybersecurity professionals and mentors to involve students who have participated in past workshops,” says Cesario.

“Once we identify the potential and passion in a student, our goal is to fuel that passion toward a potential career opportunity in the field of cybersecurity.”

The Storm Capture the Flag Challenge designed by Doyle showcased not only technical prowess but also the innovative and creative approaches essential in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

“The hands-on nature of this term’s workshops allowed students to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, preparing them for real-world challenges,” Cesario says.

The Fall 2023 term’s Storm Capture Challenge was won by MAC student Kuljeet Singh. Singh’s achievement underscores the calibre of talent emerging from the University of Windsor’s computer science programs.

After completing two workshop series, Sterling Information Technologies will host a third this spring, scheduled to start May 15. To sign up, contact School of Computer Science MAC program secretary Melissa Robinet at

“Sterling Information Technologies and EC-Council remain committed to fostering the growth of cybersecurity talent and creating opportunities for students to excel in this dynamic field,” says Peaches Madarang-Cesario, Sterling Information Technologies’ business information security officer.

“The collaboration with the University of Windsor’s Computing Hub exemplifies the shared dedication to equipping the next generation of cybersecurity professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to address the evolving threats in the digital landscape.”

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