Bukola Salami adresses the “Dean’s Intentional Conversations” speaker series.UWindsor alumna Bukola Salami highlighted the role of race and racism in the educational experience as part of Faculty of Nursing’s “Dean’s Intentional Conversations” speaker series.

Expert on inequities in health care aims to empower Black and racialized students

Newly appointed vice-president of Canadian Nurses Association and UWindsor nursing alumna Bukola Salami (BScN 2004) delivered a presentation on leadership and mentorship for Black and racialized students and youth as part of the Faculty of Nursing’s “Dean’s Intentional Conversations” speaker series on June 12.

According to Dr. Salami, Black and racialized people face challenges such as racism, discrimination, microaggressions, and employment inequality. These factor into negative economic outcomes for Black and racialized youth that inhibit their participation in society.

Salami detailed her experiences and discussed methodologies on leadership in the profession. She encouraged racialized individuals to set a positive mindset and tone, manage mental health, create a network of mentors and trusted colleagues, engage actively in support groups, understand administrative policies in place, and understand their rights.

Academically and professionally, Salami emphasized the importance of appreciating opportunities, and the value of grant-writing and research publications for the advancement of knowledge, academic and professional growth, improvement of patient care, policy influence, collaborative opportunities, and professional responsibility.

Salami explained how the role of mentorship builds confidence, self-esteem, influences career paths, and provides a sense of belonging for Black and racialized youths while empowering them with leadership skills, and positive cultural identity.

She elaborated on how good leadership is based on a long-term vision focused on people and processes. Strong guidance promotes patient and staff satisfaction and aims to improve retention of healthcare personnel.

Participants were encouraged to focus on their long-term goals in a systematic manner and ensure that their efforts align with a strategy.

The full presentation is available for download as a PDF file from the nursing website.

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