Arezoo Emadi, Mike McKay, Kendall Soucie, and Kenneth NgProfessors Arezoo Emadi, Mike McKay, Kendall Soucie, and Kenneth Ng are pictured along the Windsor-Detroit riverfront, showcasing the interdisciplinary team leading the $15 million INSPIRE project to advance Canada’s biomanufacturing and pandemic response capabilities.

$15 million research project to boost Canada’s pandemic preparedness

The University of Windsor is leading a $15 million research project to help Canada respond to future pandemics.
Tirupati Bolisetti and Kwaku Gyau GyamfiCivil engineering professor Tirupati Bolisetti and Kwaku Gyau Gyamfi discuss the student’s project on resilience of water supplies in Arctic communities on World Water Day.

Engineering students address sustainable development goals on World Water Day

The next time you look at the Great Lakes or wonder about Arctic communities, you will think about them a little differently because of the research of engineering students Vrashesh Vipul Karkar and Kwaku Gyau Gyamfi.

Karkar examined the water in Great Lakes Basin watersheds to assess the amount of microplastics that are present in the water. His research focuses on the quantities of microplastics humans are releasing into rivers and the Great Lakes, developing cutting edge modelling tools to quantify the microplastics being released.

professors standing near obstacle courseProfessor Rashid Rashidzadeh and dean Bill Van Heyst congratulate engineering students on their work programming model trains to navigate an obstacle course.

Design competition gets engineering careers on track

Engineering students in the first-year course Cornerstone Design programmed model railcars to run through an obstacle course.

Cultural comparison of distracted drivers subject of study

Distracted driving is a worldwide problem, says professor Chris Lee, and preventing it is of global importance for improved road safety.

“There has been a startling rise in the number of fatal and seriously injured collisions linked to the widespread use of electronic gadgets in automobiles,” he says.

Dr. Lee, a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Master’s student Larissa Dushime are collaborating with civil engineering professor Nicola Baldo at the University of Udine to compare driver behaviours in Canada and Italy.