Susan Holloway stands at lectern in from of display screenEducation professor Susan Holloway addresses a May 5 colloquium hosted by the Multiliteracies Project.

Colloquium explores teaching strategies

A colloquium hosted by the Multiliteracies Project brought together educators to explore exceptional teaching strategies.
Kinesiology professor Terry EddyKinesiology professor Terry Eddy writes that sport superstitions may make very little sense to non-fans, but should be indulged, nonetheless.

Superstition ramps up during playoffs, writes kinesiology prof

Superstitions can help sports fans feel like they have some control over the uncontrollable, writes kinesiology professor Terry Eddy.

Catherine Febria and Rosa Galvez standing over Rideau Canal, with Parliament buildings in distanceUWindsor professor Catherine Febria met with water engineer and Senator Rosa Galvez in Ottawa during Science Meets Parliament, May 1 and 2.

Researcher brings ecological expertise to Ottawa

Professor Catherine Febria attended the Science Meets Parliament event in Ottawa on May 1 and 2.