Researcher seeking answers to questions of healthy development

Brian DeVealeAnimal development hinges on where and when different genes are expressed. Brian DeVeale is delving deep into the genome to dissect roles that molecules called MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play in gene expression.

Humans have more than 1,000 distinct miRNAs. At least two dozen mammalian miRNAs are essential for viable development, and mutation or excess production of many others disrupt development.

Engineering professor Arezoo Emadi in labEngineering professor Arezoo Emadi has received a federal Discovery grant to fund her research project “A new approach in extending the boundaries of autonomous early detection using a novel micromachined resonator.”

Federal funding fuels exploration at the frontiers of discovery

Fourteen UWindsor researchers ireceived nearly $2.5 million in 2023 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Discovery grants.