Future Students

Steven RehseSteven Rehse demonstrates the basic principles of spectroscopy in this file photo from last year's research and creative activity showcase at Devonshire Mall. The physics professor will be at the event again this year.

Devonshire Mall event to help public better understand university research

A visit to Devonshire Mall this Saturday will make understanding academic research a little easier.

Bill AltenhofEngineering professor Bill Altenhof holds up a piece of aluminum tubular frame that's been split by an axial cutting device.

Engineer designs device to dampen load from collision impact

Whether you’re driving a tank through a war zone or a minivan to the grocery store, you want the assurance of knowing your vehicle was designed to withstand any kind of collision, no matter how severe.

Gordon DrakeGordon Drake is part of a team of physicists who determined the exact critical charge for two-electron atoms that form elements like helium.

Physicists settle great debate over two-electron atoms

Going back to the days of Sir Isaac Newton, there have always been certain problems of physics and mathematics that seem all-but unsolvable.

Many of those persist today, and the list is a lengthy one. What is dark matter made of? What causes a supernova to explode? Is there a grand unification theory, or a ‘theory of everything,’ which explains all fundamental physical constants?

Hoda ElMaraghyHoda ElMaraghy is shown here in the iFactory in the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation.

Engineering prof earns research ambassador award

A University of Windsor professor has been recognized as a national engineering ambassador for being a pioneering leader in her field.

Hoda ElMaraghy was recently named the 2014 Partners in Research Engineering Ambassador.

Emile NaickerHistory major Emile Naicker demonstrates the web site he created that's devoted to the history of the Manchester United football club.

Students preserve history on web

When Emile Naicker came to university, he never imagined he’d be able to combine his love for history with his passion for his favourite football club.

But that’s just what the fourth-year history major did when he signed up for an innovative course taught by Heidi Jacobs and Rob Nelson called History on the Web. Designed to teach students how to integrate historical archives and other resources with modern communications technology, the course required each one to create a project demonstrating how they would preserve history on the internet.

Julie SandoVisual arts instructor Julie Sando is shown here in the Leddy Library holding a copy of "Least Wanted" by Mark Michaelson. A collection of of various mug shots, it plays a central role in the film.

Documentary explores fascination with mug shot photos

When people get arrested and step in front of that camera for their mug shots, they may be at one of the lowest, most vulnerable points of their lives. So what is it about those images that make some people want to collect them, and perhaps even think about them as art objects?

That’s one of the central questions posed by a new documentary that a University of Windsor art instructor helped create.

connect posterConnect is an exhibit that showcases a variety of styles and approaches to printmaking.

Reception for collaborative printmaking exhibit this Friday

More than 30 art students from the University of Windsor and McMaster University are exhibiting a series of prints at a local gallery and will hold a public reception on Friday.

Connect is the first collaborative print show between the two schools and includes wide variety of styles, techniques and approaches to printmaking.