Graduate Students

dialysis patientsMaher El-Masri will work with clinicians at Windsor Regional Hospital on a project that could dramatically improve outcomes for dialysis patients like this one.

Nursing researchers teams up with WRH for dialysis research project

A ground-breaking study being led by a UWindsor researcher and his partners at Windsor Regional Hospital has the potential to dramatically improve conditions for kidney dialysis patients while saving the health care system untold millions of dollars.

Eugene KimEugene Kim has developed a formula to measure entanglement - a fundamental property of quantum mechanics - in superconductors.

Physicist brings entanglement framework to realm of superconductors

Quantum computers have the potential to be significantly more powerful than today’s fastest silicon-based processors, and a central ingredient behind their power is a fundamental property of quantum mechanics known as “entanglement”.

Now a UWindsor physics professor has developed a mathematical formalism for characterizing entanglement in an important class of materials, marking an important step in understanding these systems and a potential contribution toward quantum computing.