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runaway slavesMany slaves escaped their situations in the US only to be re-enslaved in the Maritimes, according to a visiting lecturer who will speak here Thursday.

End to slavery brought new form of racism in eastern Canada

African-descended people played an important role in bringing slavery to an end in Canada’s Maritimes, but that came with some cost.

Brian TaylorDrama professor Brian Taylor is directing and starring in the stage adaptation of No Great Mischief, which will be performed in the Studio Theatre at the Jackman Dramatic Arts Centre.

English, drama team up to stage No Great Mischief

The weight of directing a stage adaptation of a novel penned by a Canadian literary giant like Alistair MacLeod is keeping Brian Taylor awake at night.

“I do feel under an enormous amount of pressure,” the dramatic art professor admitted during an interview about two weeks before the opening night of No Great Mischief, a staged reading of the novel of the same name.

borders posterThe Borders in Globalization forum will be held today in St. Paul's Hall at Canterbury College.

Border studies forum brings together international scholars

A special public forum being held here today will be a perfect opportunity for those with an interest in politics, law and culture to map out new directions for studying how the border affects cities like Windsor and Detroit.

Kenji Kenno, Kevin Milne and Cheri McGowanFrom left, kinesiology researchers Kenji Kenno, Kevin Milne and Cheri McGowan check out one of the isometric handgrip devices they'll use for their research.

Kinesiology researchers tackle hypertension crisis

Hypertension has been described by the World Health Organization as a global health crisis, but a trio of kinesiology researchers is aiming to change that by determining how the simple act of squeezing a small hand-held device can lower blood pressure.

Carlin MillerCarlin Miller will be researching the effectiveness of a course designed to improve mindfulness for teachers and parents of children with ADHD.

ADHD study among projects backed by research stimulus fund

Anyone who ever raised and educated a child with ADHD knows it can be a challenge, but armed with new stimulus funding, a psychology professor is planning to equip parents and teachers with skills to better deal with their demands.