Cherry Theresanathan

Students and staff watch drone hover outside Dillon Hall.Kyle Archibald demonstrates the use of a flying drone for student recruiters Neda Demiri, Dave Bussiere and Zora Savic and digital media production students Naomi Pelkey, Doug Cunningham, Milos Savic and Cherry Theresanathan.

Video production gives students industry experience while promoting campus pride

A video produced by UWindsor students will help attract new enrolment with its showcase of programs and the campus experience.

CLEW contest winners enjoy free iPads

Leo Oriet, a faculty member in Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, and Ashley Chartier, a fourth-year student in Family & Social Relations and Psychology, each won an iPad from the University Bookstore for their participation in the campus-wide CLEW survey.

More than 1500 faculty, staff, and students participated in the study as part of an assessment of the University’s learning management system. Principal investigator Lorie Stolarchuk was overwhelmed with the number of responses received from the survey.